Box2D  2.3.0
A 2D Physics Engine for Games
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cb2AABBAn axis aligned bounding box
 Cb2BodyA rigid body. These are created via b2World::CreateBody
 Cb2ColorColor for debug drawing. Each value has the range [0,1]
 Cb2FilterThis holds contact filtering data
 Cb2GrowableStack< T, N >
 Cb2JointDefJoint definitions are used to construct joints
 Cb2FrictionJointDefFriction joint definition
 Cb2MotorJointDefMotor joint definition
 Cb2MassDataThis holds the mass data computed for a shape
 Cb2Mat22A 2-by-2 matrix. Stored in column-major order
 Cb2Mat33A 3-by-3 matrix. Stored in column-major order
 Cb2ProfileProfiling data. Times are in milliseconds
 Cb2RayCastInputRay-cast input data. The ray extends from p1 to p1 + maxFraction * (p2 - p1)
 Cb2CircleShapeA circle shape
 Cb2Vec2A 2D column vector
 Cb2Vec3A 2D column vector with 3 elements
 Cb2WorldManifoldThis is used to compute the current state of a contact manifold