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Sun Salutation

7 minute read

A while ago, one of my professors bought a pair of old and obscure servers for a few hundred dollars. He recently tasked me with getting them online and usa...

Doing Wiird Things

1 minute read

I don’t think anyone circa 2006 could have imagined how popular the Wii would be among hobbyists; I mean, what does the Wii provide? Buttons, accelerometer,...

You Tried

less than 1 minute read

The other day I had a first draft of an Arduino case. How did it go? Well…

Emergency Mode is Not an Emergency

2 minute read

I can’t seem to find anyone else who’s had this problem and known how to deal with it, so I’ll share my experience.

Winging It

less than 1 minute read

I’m making a case for my Arduino, for some reason. I’ll be getting this fabricated with the computer science building’s laser cutter tomorrow (already bough...

Range Sensor

1 minute read

Made another Arduino thing today, this time using a sonar rangefinder and an LED matrix. It doesn’t quite make for clever photography, but I still like it.


1 minute read

Last semester I took a course on the history of photography, and a web design course focused on the aesthetic capabilities of the Internet (as opposed to,...

An Idea

1 minute read

Sometimes I have weird ideas. I’m a very heavy sleeper, and am prone to waking up late or falling back asleep. But what if I had an alarm clock that didn’t...

A Better Place

less than 1 minute read

Good bye, Rosie.

On Failure

1 minute read

Yet again, I pulled an all-nighter. This time, to get a project of mine ready for my university’s game programming competition. Unfortunately, it was a bus...

Neat, un-hacky tricks with Qt properties (1/2)

3 minute read

I’ve been working on BALLS in my spare time this summer. It’s a shader editor designed with ease of use in mind. I wanted to be able to support as many GLS...

Experiment: Success!

less than 1 minute read

I made a thing, and people liked it! That’s right, X Piano has been accepted into Chrome Experiments! If it were commercial, I’d celebrate with a sale or s...

Super Smash Bros.

4 minute read

I’ve been into video games for as long as I can remember. Hell, when I finished high school I had more game consoles than dates. But I’ve always had a soft...

Stayin’ Alive

1 minute read

“His heart’s not beating, somebody get help!” A young woman kneeled over an elderly man. He had suddenly collapsed in the middle of the diner; tragic, as he ...


2 minute read

The Sun threw a particularly nasty curveball into nowhere in particular. Unfortunately, today the Earth was nowhere in particular. Anything with a circuit ru...

First Post

less than 1 minute read

I'd been telling myself I'd make a personal website for a while now. Since winter break just started, what a better time to do so than now? I can play les...