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Sun Salutation

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A while ago, one of my professors bought a pair of old and obscure servers for a few hundred dollars. He recently tasked me with getting them online and usable, something his graduate students apparently had failed to do multiple times over. Then, after that, I was to benchmark several tasks on it and contrast it with a more conventional machine from about the same era. Challenge accepted.

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Doing Wiird Things

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I don’t think anyone circa 2006 could have imagined how popular the Wii would be among hobbyists; I mean, what does the Wii provide? Buttons, accelerometer, infrared sensor, a speaker? And that’s ignoring things like the Nunchuck or the Balance Board. I have a Wii and a lot of hardware lying around for it that I haven’t touched in years; now’s as good a time as any to dust it off.

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Winging It

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I’m making a case for my Arduino, for some reason. I’ll be getting this fabricated with the computer science building’s laser cutter tomorrow (already bought some acrylic to use). I’m not sure I really know what I’m doing, so I just stuck the pieces together in Inkscape and am hoping for the best.

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