These are some of the most interesting things I’ve worked on, sorted roughly by freshness.

If you’d like to learn more about where I’ve worked, check out my LinkedIn profile for details.


RetroArch is a frontend for retro game emulators, unifying the experience across platforms and providing features beyond what the original emulators offer. I...


melonDS is a Nintendo DS emulator. I’ve contributed dozens of bugfixes and refactorings, including:

melonDS DS

melonDS DS is a libretro port of the melonDS emulator. It supports (nearly) all features of the standalone emulator, while prioritizing user-friendliness.

Ruffle for Libretro

I wrote an experimental libretro core for Ruffle, an emulator for Adobe Flash. It works, but doesn’t offer much in the way of playability (for example, no in...

One True Check

I wrote a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that displays a green checkmark next to accounts that were verified under The Site Formerly Known As Twitt...


Chromavaders is an arcade-styled genre mashup that I had worked on for a while after graduating. I had big plans for it, but those plans eventually collapsed...


Although I didn’t contribute to the Entitas codebase, I helped out in several other ways:

NGC Archive

The National Guidelines Clearinghouse (NGC) was a public resource for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. It was shut down in July 2018 after its fu...


My take on SameGame, known by many different names outside of Japan. This was originally made as part of a job application process, but I liked it enough to ...