Jesse Makes Things

With code, mostly.


The reason you're here

These are some of the best and most interesting software projects I've worked on, listed in no particular order. You can see more on my GitHub profile.


For the ups, downs, rights, and lefts in your life.

  • Haxe
  • HaxeFlixel
  • Tiled
Rosie Screenshot

My take on SameGame, known by umpteen different names outside of Japan. This was originally made as part of the application process for a game dev studio, but I liked it enough to continue to polish it further. The main draw for Rosie over SameGame is its faster-paced mechanics, employed with revolving gravity and a timer.


The Badass Looker for Ludicrous Shaders

  • C++
  • Qt
  • OpenGL
B.A.L.L.S. Screenshot

It's a cross-platform shader editor! It started as a project for a graphics course, then evolved into my undergraduate capstone project; now I plan on making it even better for my Master's thesis. You'll be able to provide arbitrary data to shaders, fine-tune them through UI controls that automagically appear and just work, and then save the whole thing to XML (or as individual shaders). I'm aiming to make this easy to use, even for amateur graphics programmers.


Trust nobody.

  • C++
  • Allegro
  • CMake
UplinkOS Screenshot

Uplink is a hacking simulation game released by Introversion Software. UplinkOS is a mod by Tudor Stamate that wildly overhauls the UI. It was only released for Windows, but I'm in the process of porting it to Linux and macOS.

Awesome Qt

For all your Qt needs.

Awesome Qt Screenshot

The Awesome project aggregates high-quality lists of content to help you explore various (mostly, but not exclusively technical) topics. My contribution is a list of great things to look at for anyone who writes apps with Qt.


The fabric of collaboration.

MESHD Screenshot

MESHD was a project started by one of my former professors for students working on projects to find peers with the skills they need. I worked mostly on the backend and overall technology strategy, though I'm not involved with it any more.


Blocks and aliens and UFOs, oh my!

  • Python
  • Pygame
Invasodado Screenshot

A friend and I built this game from the ground up in our freshman year. It's a cross between Space Invaders and Columns; the aliens are colored, and they turn into blocks when shot. Match three and they'll disappear. We've actually managed to get this thing released, and even a little bit of press coverage. Invasodado was also a finalist in Stony Brook University's 2013 Game Programming Competition.


Bullets are overrated.

  • Java
  • libGDX
Gravv Screenshot

This is my top-secret project. It's not done yet! I'll be making this available for commercial release...someday...


And yet they move.

  • Unity
Orbital Screenshot

Orbital is supposed to be one of those casual games played in rapid succession, not unlike Flappy Bird or 2048. In Orbital, you have a star in the center, and you must place as many planets in orbit around this star as you can without any of them colliding. You get one point for each planet that completes its first revolution around the star. This was fun to make; it's on the verge of release, but I need some extra time to polish it and figure out a new name ("Orbital" is taken).

X Piano

Now you can make your own piano!

  • JavaScript
  • Web Audio
  • SVG
X Piano Screenshot

This one I'm particularly proud of. X Piano lets you upload your own sound effects to use as piano keys; you can also apply several filters to the resulting sound. I originally made this for a computer music course, but I've since polished it up and submitted it to Chrome Experiments, to which it was accepted!


This app is used to make a loud noise.

  • JavaScript
  • Web Audio
Buzzer Screenshot

I was leading a review session in a computer science course, and I had a review game based on Jeopardy. I needed a way for participants to buzz in an answer, and I couldn't find anything free that could tell me exactly who buzzed in first. So I threw this together in an hour. All it does is play a buzzing sound. Enjoy.


Sculpt your splines.

  • Java
  • libGDX
Pathological Screenshot

Pathological is a simple 2D path editor designed for libGDX. It supports basis splines, B├ęzier curves, and Catmull-Rom splines. I made this in a week because I thought I might need something like this for Gravv. Turns out I didn't. Oh well. Maybe others will benefit from it.

Brain Drain


  • C++
  • Boost
No image available

An interpreter for the brainfuck esoteric programming language. It's very easy to implement but a bastard to actually read or write anything in. Not bad for a high school senior, huh?

Linear Algebra Demo

Down the rabbit hole.

  • C++
  • SFML
No image available

This was the first real thing I ever coded. This was for a project in high school in which we had to give a presentation on some field math is commonly used for. I went with basic linear algebra (linear transforms, mainly) in game development. There's even a simple clone of Duck Hunt at the end!