Sometimes I have weird ideas. I’m a very heavy sleeper, and am prone to waking up late or falling back asleep. But what if I had an alarm clock that didn’t screw around?

An Alarm Clock with Teeth

I’m taking a course in human-computer interaction, and the first thing we’re doing is designing a product that solves a problem. Namely, my resistance to getting up and starting the day. The gist of this doodle is a bed (or, rather, an accessory for beds) that’s perfectly innocuous until it’s time to get up. At that point, the bed would somehow be very uncomfortable to stay on. How would I accomplish that? Dunno, maybe with something that vibrates or gives you a small shock. Honestly, I haven’t really thought about that it.

How would you even interact with it? First, you’d set a time through a simple panel (or since this is 2017, with an app). Then place the pads directly under your sheets. After that, forget all about it until you wake up in screaming terror the next morning. How would you shut it off? You don’t. The pads remain active throughout the entire day (or at least for a few hours), so you’re not tempted to fall back asleep. Five more minutes? Bzzt. Check Facebook before getting up? Bzzt.